This Is The Murderer Of Obesity, With Only A Tablespoonful Will Go Down 30 Pounds In 30 Days!

Many people do various kind of diet to lose weight. Starting from atkins diet, 3-hour diet, blood type diet to vegan diet. While maintaining a dietary habit is a good thing, many expert has stated that speed up your metabolism is the best way to lose weight.

One of the best way to boost your metabolism is doing physical activity that includes cardio and strength training. Drinking coffee or tea can also boost your metabolism since it contains caffeine which is a central nervous system stimulant.

But if you’re not a fan of exercising, coffee, or tea, then you can try add some spices to your food. Combining some natural ingredient with your food can boost your metabolism and in the end help you lose some weight.

Researchers at Iran’s Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences randomly split 44 overweight or obese women into 2 groups. For 3 months, both groups we eating healthy food based on nutrition counseling and decreased their daily intake of calories by 500. However, one group added 3 grams of powdered cumin to their 140 grams of yogurt, while the other group was consuming the same amount of calories without cumin.

After the 3-month trial, the cumin group had lost 3 more pounds than those in the non-cumin group. The cumin played an important role in the weight loss process thanks to its richness in filosterole, a compound essential for preventing the retention of cholesterol.

It wasn’t only the amount of weight loss, the cumin also affected loss percentage of fat. The group that consumed cumin lost 14.64 percent fat while other group lost only 4.91 percent fat.

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Why Is Cumin So Effective?
The reason why cumin is so effective to boost your metabolism is because it’s rich in filosterole. Filosterole can prevent the storage cholesterol in your body. That’s why it can help you speed up your metabolism. So if you still looking for the best way to lose weight, maybe it’s time to add cumin into your meals.

Acts as an expectorant for respiratory disorders, asthma and bronchitis.
Acts as disinfectants and helps fight viral infections which can cause the common cold.
Prevents diabetes by reducing the chances of hypoglycemia.
Acts as a natural laxative, and because of its dietary fiber helps treat piles (hemorrhoids).
Increases cognitive performance.
Helps remove toxins from the body.
Helps prevent premature aging.
Helps relieve stress and anxiety.
And, what is more important, cumin stops obesity, with only adding a tablespoonful in your food you will go down 30 pounds in a month!

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